It all started in 1922.

It all started in 1922.

It all started in 1922.

Michele, a Tuscan originally from Tonfano, a village in sunny Versilia, came to Turin with the dream of presenting the Savoyard city with his beloved recipes for farinata and “castagnaccio”, a cake made from chestnut flour, dishes typical of his home.
When his first offer on premises suddenly fell through, destiny offered him a second chance.  One day as he was strolling past Piazza Vittorio Veneto number 4 he noticed a “For Sale” sign hanging in a small shoemaker’s shop and so began his luck.

He bought the premises and built a wood-fired oven, which today is still the main feature of the restaurant, and that became his laboratory.  Each day he prepared the farinata and castagnaccio which he delivered to homes by riding over Turin’s cobblestone streets in the city centre on his bicycle.

In the 1930s he was able to increase the shop size by buying rooms from the adjacent buildings.  His laboratory became a real eatery with the possibility of eating at tables. This is when he decided to make the most of the wood-fired oven by making tegamino pizza.

In 1955 came the first passing down of generation with the handing over of the running of the pizzeria to his children Ada and Anna, who were the ones to put up the sign “Da Michele” which still stands there today.

Around that same time, Ada and Ettore’s son, Giorgio, married a girl called Nella.  Nella’s brother Andrea, together with his wife Silvana, was passionate about cooking, and so they both started working at the establishment.

On the 1st of February 1980 the second generational change came about and the business was handed over completely to Andrea, with the name remaining as Michele in memory of the founder. In 1982 Da Michele also became a restaurant.  The preparation of pizza and farinata was entrusted to Andrea while the kitchen was left in the capable hands of his wife Silvana.

The art of passing down their trade continues with their son Luca who passionately runs the business today.

In 2015 the restaurant was extended to include another dining room on the first floor where, during the restructure, they discovered impressive frescoes on the ceiling.