The Tradition

The food proposed on our menu represents a characteristic fusing together of two great culinary regions, Piedmont and Tuscany.

Only the best

Da Michela only uses local, top grade products which are always seasonal and fresh. The only frozen ingredient used is our seafood.

The game meat and poultry are delivered to us by a family-run butchery in Tuscany.

Our oil is either Ardoino or Isnardi extra-virgin olive oil from Liguria, and our seed oils are from the Tuscan producer Fabbri.

Just like home

Our desserts are all made in-house, with the exception of the ice cream, and cooked in the wood-fired oven.

Wine list

The wine list is extensive and the result of a carefully researched selection of Piedmont and Tuscan wines such as Pio Cesare, Conterno Fantino and La Spinetta.  Our house red is a dolcetto from Cantina Clavesana.